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How are you managing ease COVID restrictions?

  • 3 Mar 2022 08:41
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    Emily Di Rosa (Administrator)

    How are public libraries managing events and event spaces now that most COVID restrictions have ceased? Are events still being run socially distanced and with COVID protocols in place?

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  • 4 Mar 2022 14:01
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    Hi Sharon,

    Yes, we've got programs back now and will increase spaces capacity a little while also accommodating physical distancing. 
    The responsibility will be on people to physically distance, and wear masks if they are unable to physically distance (or if they want to wear a mask).
    Our programs will keep a sign in process for people who have booked.
    Others who haven't booked can join the session if there is room in the space.


  • 5 Mar 2022 08:58
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    Good Morning Sharon,

    Isaac Libraries resumed program delivery some time ago.  We did have limits on participants pre-Covid based on each library's space capacity and, depending on what the program/event was for better engagement with participants.  Following Covid and the removal of shelving, furniture etc. to allow for social distancing we can now increase the numbers of participants due to having more available space.

    Bookings are required and we do have a participation register listing each person attending the program/event which must be signed by Parent/Guardian

    Physical distancing will be the responsibility of all people in the library spaces and masks optional.

  • 9 Mar 2022 10:42
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    From 14 March, Sunshine Coast Libraries are returning physical programming events to full capacity. We will continue to request that customers register for events, as this has been an important reporting tool. Customers who do not register will not be restricted from attending, subject to room capacities. Other facilities, including podcast studio, exhibition spaces and meeting rooms will return to full capacity. Adult Literacy classes will recommence in Term 2 following the 2019 format that includes three hour class scheduling and full class capacities. Adult customers will be advised to wear a mask indoors where seating inhibits social distancing. YPS programming including Story Time and Rhyme Time will also see the return of learning aids such as egg shakers in the sessions. 
    Library Venues (Beerwah CH and Meeting Place) will also return to full capacity for programming.


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