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Policy Decisions in Local Government

Are you facing challenges in policy development due to a complex environment and unavailability of formal training? Queensland University of Technology (QUT), in collaboration with LGMA, introduces a contemporary professional education programme purpose-built for local government officers and executives. This initiative is a direct response to the gap in formal training in policy development for local governments.

Save the date: Tuesday 30 July and Wednesday 31 July

Additionally, QUT is providing two virtual one hour group coaching sessions.

Session One: Tuesday 27 August 9:00am - 10:00am

Session Two: Tuesday 24 September 9:00am - 10:00am

Location: QUT - Garden's Point Campus, Brisbane

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Why this programme is essential:

Addressing a critical gap: Most policy practitioners in local government generally acquire their skills on the job, often without formal training. While officers can gain sound skills this way, it does reinforce ‘the way we do things around here’ and limits growth or critical analysis.

Targeted learning: This programme fills this gap by offering comprehensive training in all stages of the policy cycle, including issue identification, policy analysis, consultation processes and evaluation techniques.

Full coverage of the policy cycle: To provide staff with a wholistic view of the policy process and its role in delivering services to the local community, this course covers every stage of the policy cycle; identifying issues, policy analysis, consultation, writing policy documents and evaluation.

Programme Benefits:

Practical skills: The programme emphasises the real-world applicability of skills, ensuring that you and your staff can implement what they learn immediately.

Customised Learning: Understanding the diverse needs of local governments, the programme offers flexibility and is comprehensive, catering to various learning requirements.

Why choose this programme?

Real-world relevance: QUT is celebrated for its global perspective and focus on real-world applications. The programme is grounded in practical scenarios that local government staff encounter daily. The programme informs and coaches staff through the policy cycle, providing new skills and building on existing knowledge.

Expert-led learning: Known for its excellence in criminology, policy and law, the School of Justice at QUT, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this programme. The School of Justice has been teaching practical policy skills for over two decades at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Background: QUT's reputation in policy and justice studies ensures that the programme is not just an educational experience but a mark of distinction for you and your organisation.

Who should attend?

This programme is ideal for local government leaders and policy contributors seeking to enhance their skills and understanding of policy making in today's dynamic and complex environment. Whether you have a small policy team or no dedicated policy officers, this programme will equip your council with the necessary tools to make informed, effective decisions.

Programme investment:   $2,180 (includes programme materials and facilitation, day catering and two, one-hour group coaching sessions)

Take the next step and transform the way your local government approaches policy writing and decision making. Enrol your team in the Policy Decisions in Local Government Programme and pave the way for more effective, informed and impactful policy development.

Join us in shaping a brighter future for local governance.

Contact LGMA today to learn more and enrol your team in this essential programme.

E: PH: 07 3174 5006


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