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Executive Management Programme

LEADING LOCAL GOVERNMENT – Executive Management in Queensland Local Government provides local government professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the role of the Chief Executive Officer in Queensland local government.  The programme has been written by experienced CEOs and senior managers from Queensland local government and goes beyond the legislation to explore the real challenges and experiences you might expect to face in a CEO role.

As a participant on this programme, you will gain full awareness of the role and responsibilities of Chief Executive Officers in local government; the challenges, the benefits, the satisfactions and the frustrations.  You will have the opportunity to troubleshoot questions arising from your own experience and to seek feedback on specific issues you may have faced.

The programme is professionally facilitated and each module features a relevant case study presented by a CEO or senior officer.  As a result, over the 6 programme sessions, you will have access to 7 experienced local government professionals who will share their views and offer feedback on any issues you choose to raise.  These professionals have been selected for their experience and diversity; offering different perspectives on the role of CEO and providing role models to suit different personalities and approaches.

The 2024 Executive Management Programme will be open for registrations from 6 March - 10 June 2024.  

Read the Executive Management Programme Brochure

Why this programme?
Every CEO who has served local government for any length of time can recount numerous challenges that tested them to their limits.  Their ability to effectively manage these challenges relied on their skills, experience and training.  These three elements combine to provide local government managers with the tools necessary to handle any event likely to occur in our diverse and dynamic sector.

But for those who find themselves in a position of responsibility without the necessary experience or  training, the challenges can be daunting.  For this reason, LGMA Queensland created a purpose-built programme to train and support existing and aspiring senior local government managers.  

This unique learning opportunity can help every executive leader in local government.

Who should attend?
This programme will suit CEOs and executive managers seeking a better understanding of executive management in local government, including:

  • those new to the sector who seek to understand the legislative and practical nuances of leading and managing in the local government context;
  • those stepping into a CEO or senior management position; and
  • existing CEOs and senior managers who may be looking to refresh their skills.

Programme size?
The programme is limited to 24 places to ensure participants have maximum interaction with facilitators and practitioners.  Please note: a minimum of 14 participants are required to ensure this programme goes ahead.

This unique learning opportunity can help every executive leader in local government. The learning modules include:

  • Role of the CEO
  • Governance
  • Legislative Framework
  • Risk Management
  • Resource Management
  • Managing the Business of Council

The 2024 Executive Management Programme will be delivered face-to-face in Brisbane over a three day period commencing Tuesday 16 July 2024 and concluding on Thursday 18 July 2024.

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