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Management Masterclass is an intensive programme designed to extend the skills of practising managers and to provide a range of tools to deal with common problems and challenges experienced by managers in local government.

No dates are currently scheduled however expressions of interest are encouraged.

Expressions of interest to join in our next Management Masterclass please contact:

Peta Irvine - CEO


Programme Overview

The workforce is changing quickly and new entrants to our workplaces have very different expectations to those that came before.  As managers, we need to understand these expectations if we are to successfully lead teams into the future.

But, as busy managers, our own professional development is often pushed to the back of the queue.   We don’t often get the chance to look at what we do on a daily basis from a different perspective or to really think about what works for us and what doesn’t.  We just keep on keeping on.

Management Masterclass is designed to help you take a step back; look at your management practice, understand what is working for you and your team and add some tools to your toolkit to assist you in managing an ever-changing workforce.

Participants on this intensive programme will examine common management issues and challenges and develop an understanding of the motivations and causes of these issues.  Through this understanding, participants will create and practise various techniques to manage the specific challenges they experience.

Management Masterclass builds on a range of work undertaken by LGMA Queensland over many years and is tailored specifically towards challenges applicable to the local government context.  It utilises the experience of professional local government officers and LGMA Queensland facilitators to provide a targeted learning environment.   

Recognising that people have different learning styles, Management Masterclass offers interactive exercises, guided discussion, case study analysis, peer review and personal coaching. 

MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASS will cover the following topics:

  • Reviewing the various roles and responsibilities of managers – what type of manager do you want to be?
  • How to apply values to more effectively manage people including in: leading people; developing people; change management; teamwork; high performance; and staff learning and retention.
  • How to reduce conflict through recognising and challenging assumptions.
  • Listening and understanding for better engagement.
  • The role of languaging and unwritten ground rules in staff performance and satisfaction.
  • Creating high-performing staff through effective performance management and delegation (including feedback).
  • Getting the most from team collaboration and decision making.
  • Tools and ideas for creating effective teams. 

Who should attend?

This course is designed specifically to extend and cement the skills of experienced managers.  Officers with more than five years’ experience in management roles are invited to apply.  Officers with less management experience but other qualifications may apply for special consideration.

Programme Format

Management Masterclass is a three-day intensive programme which includes an initial two-day residential component followed by a one day debrief and consolidation component six weeks later.   A one-on-one coaching session will be held in between the two contact sessions.

This format allows for maximum learning and application with participants able to apply the tools in their workplace and then debrief the results with other experienced officers.

Places on the programme are strictly limited to allow optimal interaction. 

Participants are expected to attend all days and undertake the coaching session.

Programme Fees

Cost:       $2,950 (LGMA individual member)

               $3,300 (Non-member)


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