Conscious Leadership

Leading Self and Others

This conscious leadership workshop uses an ancient tool for personal understanding, development and transformation:  the Enneagram.  There is evidence that it was written in 331AD with others claiming it dates back to as far as 2,500BC.  It is an excellent tool for improving professional and personal relationships, communication and overall functioning.

By developing a greater awareness of the approach and motivations of both yourself and those around you, you will improve your leadership skills through greater understanding, tolerance and acceptance of others.

You will learn:

  • How to better understand your own personality and your unconscious motivations
  • How to better manage a team through increased understanding of human personality
  • The keys to personal success through increased self-awareness.

If interested in this programme, please contact us on

To view 2014's brochure and registration form for reference please click here.

Leading Self and Teams

In 2014, LGMA Queensland ran, for the first time, Part II of the Conscious Leadership Programme - Leading Self and Teams.

This workshop builds on the knowledge of the Enneagram from the Conscious Leadership of Self and Others workshop and provides a deeper layer of understanding about the operation of personality in a team context.

All participants gain a clear understanding of how the different types approach conflict and the varying communication styles of the 9 personality types. The learning is experiential allowing the participants to understand the operation and impact of their own personality in team decision making and negotiation.

This workshop is tailored to those people leading teams or aspiring to lead teams who would like a deeper level of understanding about managing inter-personal dynamics using the Enneagram in a team context. (It would be useful for participants to have previously attended the Conscious Leadership of Self and Others Workshop to get the best out of this programme).

The workshop was held as part of the LGMA Queensland Annual Conference at the Bunya Mountains on 5 September 2014. 

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