In-House Programmes

Following the amalgamation of councils, many local governments have moved towards the delivery of more in-house training. This is partly because they now have the staff numbers to support this, but also because of the rapid rate of change in the sector.  Increasingly, LGMA Queensland has been invited to deliver its programmes in in-house formats.  

These short courses are tailored programmes and are aimed at increasing the skills and capabilities of local government officers.  Sessions can be provided for an individual council at their location or alternatively groups can be formed from officers of neighbouring councils to reduce costs and share knowledge and experience.  As with all LGMA Queensland programmes, these workshops offer practical hands-on learning within the local government context in order to maximise application to officers’ roles.

Current in-house programmes offered include (but are not limited to):

Legislation Training

This programme will be tailored for each council relating to the Local Government Act 2009 or other legislation as required.   LGMA Queensland generally recommends that legislation training be undertaken through hands-on, workshop style sessions to maximise practical learnings.

Who should attend?    Officers and/or Councillors
Session duration:        2-4 hours recommended

Employee Responsibilities and Ethics   

This workshop explains employee obligations under the Local Government Act 2009, Public Sector Ethics Act 1994, Public Interest Disclosures Act 2010 and the Integrity Act 2009.

This session will provide real life examples and practical training around circumstances employees are likely to face.  Sessions will keep employees’ interest with hands on examples and interesting tests of application.

Who should attend?    All officers
Session duration:        1-2.5 hours recommended   

Work Life Satisfaction

Everyone wants it, but how many of us actually know what it looks like for us?  This session seeks to encourage officers to explore their own needs and priorities in order to better understand what makes them tick and how they can get the most out of their time and energy.

Who should attend?    All officers - can be gender specific or a mixed gender session
Session duration:        2-4 hours recommended  

Mentor Training

Have you considered introducing mentoring into council through a formal or informal process?

Mentors need to understand the discrete role they will play as separate from their role as supervisor, colleague or friend.

This session focuses on teaching potential mentors to understand their role and practice the specific skills of questioning, exploring and rephrasing that are critical to good mentoring.

Who should attend?    Anyone seeking to be a mentor for others
Session duration:       2.5 hours recommended  

Team building

Who should attend?     Mix of councillors and officers
Session duration:         2-2.5 hours recommended

Reporting to Council

How to write and present reports to councillors that are meaningful and achieve the appropriate outcome.  Badly organised, wordy reports can hide important information or, worse still, mislead the reader.  This session aims to improve writing productivity and effectiveness and ensure officers understand their obligations to keep councillors informed.

Who should attend?    All officers
Session duration:       2 hours recommended    

Communications Skills

Dealing with ‘difficult’ people, managing ‘assumptions’ and building cooperative teams are common communication challenges that groups of all sizes face.  Tailored workshops can be run in-house to help teams communicate more effectively and take the ‘angst’ out of problem communication areas.
Who should attend?    All officers
Session duration:        2-4 hours recommended

Community Engagement

With the emergence of social media, online consultation techniques and new expectations relating to community engagement, this workshop will focus on how Local Government can use these new communication technologies to better engage with their residents and communities.

Who should attend?

The workshop is suitable for directors, managers and officers working in Local Government in the areas of:

  • Community Development and Engagement
  • Customer Service
  • Public Relations, Media and Communications
  • Corporate Planning

For more information please contact:

Robyn Walker
Manager Training and Development
Phone:    (07) 3174 5004
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