Annual Conference

The 2018 Annual Conference will be held on the Sunshine Coast from 11-13 September.

LGMA Queensland’s Annual Conference is our flagship event and is Queensland local government’s premier forum for exploring, analysing and exchanging ideas on issues that affect the local government sector.  Join us next year for the ‘Regenerate’ theme!

The Sunshine Coast will be the 2018 destination before we head ‘West’ in 2019! 

The draft event details are outlined here, and the registration information and agenda will be out soon….

Come along to meet like-minded professionals to network, collaborate and share experiences and ideas.  Save the dates now!

For more information, please contact LGMA Queensland

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“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women are merely the players...” 
So said William Shakespeare in 1599.
In 2017, we put Queensland councils on the stage and examine all the players and the
parts they play.  The LGMA Annual Conference showcases the work of local governments;
exploring the issues being tackled around the state in an effort to continuously improve
service delivery in the community and performance within each local government.  As
each of us seek to play our part in the sector, the Annual Conference provides an
opportunity to learn from colleagues, discuss challenges and pursue collaborative

Photos of the event are HERE.

2017 Corporate Partners 

Principal Partner

King and Company Solicitors                                                                   

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Preston Law



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Peak Services

Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning

Jardine Lloyd Thompson

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Our Speakers

Edwina Marks - Holding Strategy

Jennifer McCarthy - Financial Transformation

Ken Diehm - Driving Productivity & Efficiency Through Values & Culture

Brett de Chastel - The Noosa Community Jury

David McNicoll - Doing Ourselves Out of  a Job

Neil Williamson - Engagement: Don't Waste Your Time!

Simon Clarke - Practicing Inclusion

Matthew Magin - Cultural Change

Shona Barnes - iHealth 

Ross Musgrove - A Rating Case Study

Evan Pardon - Legal Conundrums

King & Company - Legal Conundrums

Matt Sanders - Transforming the lives of children, parents and communities through positive parenting: A role for local government

The 2016 LGMA Queensland Annual Conference was held in Port Douglas on 6-8 September

This topical and insightful conference brought together local government officers from across the state to consider key trends and challenge in leading communities; the challenges of engagement, driving behaviour change, reading community needs and motivations and managing the lines between elected and appointed officials. The conference will allow you to explore leadership in the local government context, considering the way we interact with our communities, the information we provide, the power we delegate through partnerships and the way we lead and structure our organisations – Queensland councils. Do the results of elections, for example, actually send a relevant and important message to officers about what our communities value and their level of trust in the organisation as a whole, rather than just a message about political affiliation? 

The Animating Leadership Conference explored this and other pertinent aspects of local government leadership through the perspectives of politicians from all spheres of government, the media, academia and the business world. Thank you to our wonderful hosts; Douglas Shire Council!

Our Speakers

Jim Myhill - Contextualizing Leadership Challenges 

Geoff Woolcock - Harnessing Resources: Empowering Communities to Deliver (Presentation available upon request)

Paul Higgins - Trend Conversations: Foresight For Your Organisation

Professor Sandra Harding - Leading For Engagement and Change

Yvette D'Ath MP - Leading Queensland Communities

Dr Gillian Kay - Shared Value: An Innovative Approach To Building Social Capital

Dr Angela Dean - Engaging Communities For Behavioral Change 

Nigel Collin - Creating Ownership: Better Business Conversations

Please find the programme HERE. 

Photos of the event are HERE.


Local government is full of amazing and innovative ideas. The 2015 Annual Conference gave local government leaders an opportunity to explore new and different approaches, capitalising on the collective brilliance of the sector. 

Working with a series of ‘seed’ ideas, the conference explored the application of tried and true approaches in new and innovative ways and also the implementation of the new and different in tried and true ways – and every combination in between.

Drawing on the experiences, thoughts and ideas of our newest recruits as well as our most experienced officers, the Ideas’ Incubator offered a range of practical and innovative ideas to consider in your council.

In 2015, the conference was held in Gladstone. Find a copy of the programme here

Our Partners

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