LGMA Queensland offers a range of different professional development opportunities to suit the needs of its members.  These include conference and workshop-style events which offer a range of topics and workshops on current issues and trends, generally presented in a larger group setting such as: the Annual Conference, Future Leaders Forum, CEO Forums, Branch Conferences, Indigenous Council CEO Forum and topical seminars or workshops.

Annual Conference

The LGMA Queensland Annual Conference is held in a different location each year. Attendance gives local government leaders an opportunity to explore new and different approaches, capitalising on the collective brilliance of the sector.  Follow this link for the programme, registration form and other information.

Future Leaders Forum

The Future Leaders Forum is a 2 day event, providing informative and interactive forums for officers looking to further their career in local government. For more information: click here


LGMA Queensland is pleased to present the Villages. Each Village has been set up for a special interest group within local government and enables members to link with professionals in other Queensland areas who are undertaking similar functions. We encourage you to become a member of the Village that best suits your current position with membership to the Women in Local Government Village available as a second option to all members.

The Villages provide a valuable forum for professionals to share information and knowledge, provide professional development opportunities, establish best practice standards across the sector and identify opportunities for expert input. To further facilitate information sharing and networking opportunities, each Village will also conduct a number of events throughout the year.

Click Here for information on upcoming Village Forums 

Professional Development and Training

LGMA Queensland also offers a suite of individual professional development and training programmes targeting individual leadership and management development.  All of the programmes are designed to develop the skills and competencies of local government officers via experiential learning.  

This means that all programmes include hands-on, targeted activities that are relevant to the local government context, while providing extensive interaction between participants. 

Professional Development Programmes

      Officers   Supervisors, Team Leaders& Coordinators Managers Directors & General Managers Chief Executive Officers
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  This professional development programme is aimed at local government professionals who seek to develop a more complete understanding of the role of the Chief Executive Officer within the Queensland local government system.          
  Regular forums to address topical issues from a CEO’s perspective as well as providing ongoing professional development and networking.          
  Regular forums for CEOs of indigenous councils to address topical issues, including issues specific to indigenous councils, as well as providing ongoing professional development and networking.        
  Management Masterclass is an intensive programme designed to extend the skills of practicing managers and to provide a range of tools to deal with common problems and challenges experienced by managers in local government.          
  The Mentoring Programme is designed to provide professional development, career advancement and networking.   This is a mixed format programme that includes phone, face to face, webinars, articles and discussions.
As mentee
As mentee
As either
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As mentor
  Conscious Leadership Workshop is for those who wish to improve leadership and relationships through increased self-awareness.   It draws on Enneagram; an ancient tool for personal understanding, development and transformation.          
 Propeller Programme Propeller Programme develops people at all levels to lead local government into the future.  It offers a combination of expert input and experiential learning models, providing intensive interaction between participants.  Limit of 25 participants. Runs for 7½ months.          
 Future Leaders Forum A 2 day event, providing informative and interactive forums for officers looking to further their career in local government.  The event provides valuable networking opportunities with some of Queensland’s brightest talents.          
  Ignite the necessary competencies to manage and lead people. The Ignite programme builds self-awareness as well as skills in mentoring and developing individuals and teams. Limit of 25 participants. Runs for 4 months with a follow up 4 months later.          
  The LGMA Management Challenge is a sophisticated team development programme that provides real life problem solving experiences relevant to local government.          
  The Rural Management Challenge is a team development programme based on a simulation of real-life local government management and comprises a series of typical events, situations and tasks.            
 Mini Management Challenges The Challenge is a team building activity, based on the State/Rural Management Challenges and customised for application within a single council.          

Other Programmes

Secondment Programme
LGMA Queensland is proud to introduce the Local Government Secondment Programme.  The programme is one of many LGMA Qld initiatives aimed at keeping quality employees in the local government sector.

There are many factors which contribute to the current skills shortages in local government including general skilled labour shortages, competition from other sectors and isolation issues.  The amalgamation of councils has also had a significant impact as it has created additional layers of management and reduced mobility between councils and, in fact, upwards within councils.  Many local governments have identified quality staff that they are at risk of losing due to an inability to promote them or to offer other development opportunities (such as higher duties).  In a recent LGMA Queensland member survey, the need for Queensland councils to offer inter-council secondments was regularly identified as a valuable enhancement to employment in local government.  By facilitating the secondment of employees between councils, this programme aims to:

  • broaden the skills and experience of local government officers in Queensland;
  • provide short to medium term opportunities which may not be available to an officer within their own council;
  • assist councils in filling short to medium term vacancies and access skills and competencies that may not be readily available within existing staff; and
  • encourage skilled staff to stay in local government.

The Programme
Secondments are an agreement between two councils whereby the home council ‘lends’ an employee to another council (the ‘seconding’ council) for a stated period of time.

The salary and conditions applicable to the employee may be different to those at their home council depending on the position.  Any adjustments are at the cost of the seconding council but the process for recompense of these is by agreement between the two councils as suits.

Secondments can occur for an initial period of up to 12 months.  Extensions beyond the initial 12 month period will be subject to further approval of both the home council and the seconding council.

Secondments will not be approved for more than a total of three (3) years.

To facilitate secondments between councils, LGMA Queensland will:

  • promote secondment opportunities and coordinate the receipt of nominations for secondment; and
  • provide participating councils with generic agreements for the secondment of officers.

For more information on the programme, click on Secondment Programme PDF

To express interest in participating in the programme as an individual, click on Secondment Programme Expression of Interest PDF

To express interest in advertising an available position, suitable for secondment, click on Secondment Programme Position Availability PDF

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and Workshops
The LGMA Queensland Seminar Programme consists of four ½ day seminars conducted in centres around the state on topical issues.  Previous seminars have included change management, managing difficult situations and challenging people, effective attraction, recruitment and retention of staff, business process review practices, and implementation of the then new Local Government Act 2009.  Possible topics for future seminars are - legislation, finance for non-professionals, integrated planning, time management and conflict management.  The sessions available from the In-House Training Programme are also potential topics that could be delivered.

If you have suggestions for future programmes that are relevant to your council, region or local government as a whole, please contact:

Robyn Walker
Manager Training and Development
Phone:  (07) 3174 5004

LGMA Queensland will canvass other councils to ascertain relevance and interest. We may then bring the Seminar Programme to a town near you!

In-house Training Programme Following the amalgamation of councils, many local governments have moved towards the delivery of more in-house training. Partly, because of they now have the staff numbers to support this but also because of the rapid rate of change in the sector.  Increasingly, LGMA Queensland has been invited to deliver its programmes in in-house formats.  

These short courses are tailored programmes and are aimed at increasing the skills and capabilities of local government officers.  Sessions can be provided for an individual council at their location or alternatively groups can be formed from officers of neighbouring councils to reduce costs and share knowledge and experience.  As with all LGMA Queensland programmes, these workshops all offer practical hands-on learning within the local government context in order to maximise application to officers’ roles.

Current in-house programmes offered include (but are not limited to):

Leadership Bootcamp
This 2 day intensive programme is tailored for new or existing managers and indoor or outdoor staff.  Depending on the needs of the particular group, the 2 days provide tools and strategies to lead and manage staff and may cover - building own self-awareness, understanding different personality profiles and how to adapt communication accordingly, building the culture of a team, managing and supporting people through change, coaching and mentoring staff, giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict, time management and delegation. The programme is intensive and fun.
Who should attend?    Officers with staff responsibilities
Session duration:        2 days or 2 days plus a follow up day 6 weeks later.

Legislation Training
This programme will be tailored for each council relating to the Local Government Act 2009 or other legislation as required.  
LGMA Queensland generally recommends that legislation training be undertaken through hands-on, workshop style sessions to maximise practical learnings.

Who should attend?    Officers and/or Councillors
Session duration:        2-4 hours recommended

Employee Responsibilities and Ethics   
This workshop explains employee obligations under the Local Government Act 2009, Public Sector Ethics Act 1994, Public Interest Disclosures Act 2010 and the Integrity Act 2009.

This session will provide real life examples and practical training around circumstances employees are likely to face.  Sessions will keep employees’ interest with hands on examples and interesting tests of application.

Who should attend?    All officers
Session duration:        2.5-3 hours recommended
Work Life Satisfaction
Everyone wants it, but how many of us actually know what it looks like for us?  This session seeks to encourage officers to explore their own needs and priorities in order to better understand what makes them tick and how they can get the most out of their time and energy.

Who should attend?    All officers - can be gender specific or a mixed gender session
Session duration:        2-4 hours recommended
Mentor Training
Have you considered introducing mentoring into council through a formal or informal process?

Mentors need to understand the discrete role they will play as separate from their role as supervisor, colleague or friend.

This session focuses on teaching potential mentors to understand their role and practice the specific skills of questioning, exploring and rephrasing that are critical to good mentoring.

Who should attend?    Anyone seeking to be a mentor for others
Session duration:       2.5 hours recommended
Team building
Who should attend?     Mix of councillors and officers
Session duration:         2-2.5 hours recommended
Reporting to Council

How to write and present reports to councillors that are meaningful and achieve the appropriate outcome.  Badly organised, wordy reports can hide important information or, worse still, mislead the reader.  This session aims to improve writing productivity and effectiveness and ensure officers understand their obligations to keep councillors informed.

Who should attend?    All officers
Session duration:       3 hours recommended
Communications Skills
Dealing with ‘difficult’ people, managing ‘assumptions’ and building cooperative teams are common communication challenges that groups of all sizes face.  Tailored workshops can be run in-house to help teams communicate more effectively and take the ‘angst’ out of problem communication areas.
Who should attend?    All officers
Session duration:        2-4 hours recommended

Robyn Walker
Manager Training and Development
Phone:    (07) 3174 5004

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