Membership of Local Government Managers Australia is a must-have for anyone looking to develop their career in local government.  Through membership, individuals are kept informed of relevant trends and changes which may impact on their work.  They have access to professional development and training tailored to their needs and the sector and, most importantly, they gain access to a network of like-minded professionals whose experience and insights can help them excel in their role and in their career.

For the young and ambitious

Local government offers a real and worthwhile career. You’ll be doing work that matters, on issues that affect how people live their lives.  It will be challenging, calling on you to give and achieve more than an ‘ordinary job’ would require.  Your success will be rewarded through a career structure that offers long-term advancement and recognition.  At LGMA, we are committed to your ongoing education and professional development.


For senior managers

You already understand the importance of a wide network of contacts who share your interests and are working at your level.  This is essential to maintaining perspective and invaluable in getting things done.  LGMA is your professional body, linking you to managers around Queensland and beyond.  LGMA meets the needs of managers at all levels ensuring you can be the best you can be.

 Be engaged

LGMA is your voice for better local government, advocating for a  better legislative environment.  Through your LGMA membership, you can assist in LGMA’s advocacy and influence the development of the sector.  You will also belong to an association recognised for the quality of its advice to 

 Be informed

Receive relevant and important information as soon as it’s available via our Journal publication,  eNewsletters and social media platforms.  Keep abreast of key changes that affect your sector and your role. LGMA’s relationships with key suppliers to the industry as well as the State and Federal levels of government mean that we can keep up to date on the changes that impact you.

Be your best

LGMA offers mentoring programmes so your career development is supported at each step along the way by the very best in the industry.  LGMA is your best source of ongoing education and professional development, including regular information, short courses and conferences specifically tailored to local government and the unique context of our sector.

 Be recognised

LGMA Queensland aspires to support a professional and 
highly-skilled local government sector.  In seeking to make this vision a reality, LGMA Queensland celebrates the professionalism of local government and inspires people to even greater levels of excellence in leadership and management across Queensland councils by offering awards and 
scholarships for managers and council projects.

 Be connected

Gain access to a network of local government 
professionals across the State.  Successful professionals always work with a support network.  LGMA  membership facilitates your contact with other, like-minded local government professionals through meetings and events to help you develop your own support network.

LGMA Queensland is a member of the national body; LG Professionals Australia, and as an LGMA member, you also gain access to this highly regarded network of professionals.  To become a member, you need to complete the membership application and have it endorsed by two current members (feel free to contact LGMA Queensland if you do not know who the members are in your local area).  Membership is applied and paid for by the individual for a year-long subscription. 

Click here for Membership Application

To view the Categories of Membership available and the benefits offered to LGMA Queensland members, click here.

Awards and Recognition

There are many recognition opportunities for members including:


Meet Kinsey Pattison, Charters Towers Regional Council.

How long have you been working in Local Government? 
I was introduced into the world of Council when I was lucky enough to win a traineeship in 2006 with the Charters Towers City Council. After taking a little break from the industry, I re-entered local government in 2010. Six fabulous years later and here I am working as head of the human resources programme at Charters Towers Regional Council.
What does a ‘day in the life’ consist of for you?
What I adore about working in human resources in a local government environment is the variety of challenge that’s out there. In a smaller council such as ours I have the incredible opportunity to work with people at all levels of the organisation, and I not only get to influence change but see the direct impact of this across the organisation which is satisfying.
In your opinion, what is the single most important characteristic for a leader to have/demonstrate?
You’ve got to walk the talk. Our employees cultivate respect for those leaders who demonstrate follow through, which has been vital in our work undertaking cultural transformation across the organisation. Something as simple as walking the talk inspires trust amongst our people to come along on the journey with us.
What is one thing on your bucket list that you’d like to do ASAP? 
I’m planning on ticking off one very big bucket list item next year, I’m going to compete in my first triathlon in Yungaburra in April 2017. I would say wish me luck, but I’d appreciate fast healing blisters more than anything else.
What inspired you to join LGMA Queensland? 
I’ve attended a number of LGMA events over the years. I’ve always come away from these events with something tangible which developed my assessment that LGMA was a quality organisation doing important work. Peta Irvine and Robyn Walker have also been incredibly generous with their time and advice when I’ve needed it too, and having industry mentors like these ladies is something I’ve been grateful to have the opportunity to experience. While we’re discussing the leadership quality of being able to walk the talk, these two certainly have this in spades.

Our Partners

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