About LGMA Queensland


Local Government Managers Australia Queensland (LGMA Queensland) held its first meeting in August 1950.  Thirty councils were represented at this inaugural meeting.  Since then, LGMA Queensland has expanded its base and the range of services it provides considerably.  In fact, all Queensland councils are affiliated with LGMA Queensland in some way and membership is spread across the state and through many different technical areas.  However, LGMA Queensland’s core purpose has not changed; and that is to support local government officers in Queensland.

LGMA Queensland has two primary areas of activity: representing the interests of members and the wider sector through lobbying and advocacy; and enhancing the professionalism of officers through the provision of education, training and information.

LGMA Queensland operates as a professional association under the Associations Incorporation Act.  The Rules of Association outline the scope of LGMA Queensland activity, the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Management, criteria for membership and all reporting requirements.

The Rules of Association were last amended at the AGM on 7 September 2016.

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Board of Management
LGMA Queensland is governed by a Board of Management, which is elected by the membership.

The Board articulates its objectives and priorities through the LGMA Queensland Strategic Plan which is implemented by the staff at LGMA Queensland.

Meet the LGMA Queensland Board of Management:

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Click here for LGMA Queensland Strategic Plan

Click here for the 2017 AGM Papers and Minutes

Annual Reports

The activities are reported through the Annual Report each year which includes qualitative and financial assessment of the organisation’s performance over the past year. 

A critical part of LGMA Queensland’s role in supporting members and the sector is the work the organisation does in advocating on behalf of members.  LGMA Queensland works with state and federal government and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible working environment for officers in order to provide the highest, appropriate levels of service to communities.  In addition to issues which arise from time to time, LGMA Queensland advocates on a series of approved policy platforms.

Click here for the 2016/2017 Financial Statements
Click here for the 2015/2016 Annual Report
Click here for the 2014/2015 Annual Report
Click here for the 2013/2014 Annual Report
Click here for the 2012/2013 Annual Report
Click here for the 2011/2012 Annual Report

Members of LGMA Queensland are expected to hold to high standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour.  They are governed by a Code of Ethics. 

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LGMA Qld advocates on behalf of members on a range of issues. These long standing positions are articulated through the LGMA Qld Policy Platforms.

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LGMA Queensland membership is broken up into four branches in order to facilitate fellowship and ensure relevance of activity (for more information click here). 

LGMA Queensland is also part of a national federation.  Local Government Managers Australia (National) is a federation of the six peak bodies supporting local government officers in each state.  It provides advocacy on a national level and delivers a national congress each year.


Peta Irvine
Chief Executive Officer 

Robyn Walker 
Manager Training and Development


 Lisa Hamilton
Programme Facilitator

Cindy Donald
Facilitator and Coach

Relationship Coordinator

Laura Ellis
Administration and Brand Officer



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